Basic SEO with Drupal 10 by setting up a contrib module Simple XML Sitemap

We already made for some search engine optimization on our brand new Drupal 10 website During the previous stages of the project we made sure our site has crisp semantic structure, non-default theme and web design compliant with modern HTML standards. Now we start taking more straightforward steps to ensure our web site is being parsed and ranged by miscelaneous search engines in a more efficient way.

Practice makes perfect. In Drupal especially!

Drupal is a content management that now works out of the box. You use Views, Taxonomy, Content Types, Fields notions to really manage your content.

You do create your content and structure out of these bricks made of pieces of information. Once you try it and understand the concept behind it, you will find it to be quite an easy intuitive process. 

I will publish some examples, particular cases of web and content management tasks being accomplished for this very web site. So to say, the backstage of

Adding Articles page to website using Views module in Drupal 10

The module Views was added to standard installation profile of Drupal in 8.* version of Drupal. It helps admin create web pages, blocks, feeds - different views of filtered and formatted content using the Administration web interface. It's one of the most praised features of Drupal.

Adding a new view

Go to admin page Views. Hit the button "+ Add view".

Type the new view being created "View name" = "Articles".